Just plain dumb

November 22, 2005

Yeah i know you are saying this happens everytime. Some poor kid gets jacked for there new purchase and it gets posted on some news site for everyone to see.


I DON’T CARE. Isn’t this kinda like sticking your hand in the fire and burning yourself. Why doesn’t bestbuy or other retailers learn to put people maybe in the parking lots, maybe parents go with your child to pick up the retail purchase.


xbox360 “Let the Maddness begin!”

November 22, 2005

Ok here we are the day that most gamers have been waiting for. Sure you could have gone down to your local Notsobestbuy to try the newest offering from Microsoft.

The xbox360 features include HDTV out(720p and 1080i) and a from what I’m hearing a great interface that even the non game savvy person can figure out(which for Microsoft is a real feat). The graphics look outstanding and the game play seems great.

But ok here is the bad news. Your local NSBB, walmart, or any other retailer for that matter have a limited supply of them. OK so off to ebay to loook into buying one.

Yeah right, I am not paying $1200.00 for a gameng console. I will certainly not buy one from a guy that works at the local retailer that snaged one as the shipment came in, so he can take advantage of the retail market sell it for a dumb amount of money.

Seems crazy. Go ahead and do a search on ebay for xbox360 and see for yourself.