Paris Hilton sets most over-rated celeb Guinness record!

August 16, 2006

Some how I told you so just isn’t enough.

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, not for her acting skills or singing but rather for being the most over-rated celeb.

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Calling his bluff

August 10, 2006

Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca’s public declaration that he only bets on horses was torpedoed yesterday by a source who recounted the slugger’s part in high-stakes poker games and trips to Atlantic City.

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Cubs Ship Maddux to Dodgers for Izturis

July 31, 2006

Cubs Ship Maddux to Dodgers for Izturis

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Very cool Flash Site

July 22, 2006

Why are you reading this. Go check out the site Damm!

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Want to try OS X Try this First

July 17, 2006

One way for non mac users to experience the OS X Experience.

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French Pass ‘ITunes’ Law

June 30, 2006

French lawmakers gave final approval Friday to legislation that could force Apple Computer to make its iPod and iTunes Music Store compatible with rivals’ music players and online services.

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widescreen plugin for Mail(Mac OS X)

June 6, 2006

View mail in a wide screen format kinda cool

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